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Jan 10th / Feb 28th




We are the most relevant sustainability festival in the region, rewarding, visibilizing and creating networks among the top 500 social and environmental projects in Latin America every year.

In this way, we contribute to boosting the green economy by showcasing regional initiatives in 8 categories aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

New Categories

We are introducing 8 categories and 19 subcategories so that more projects can be included in the awards. Please review each of them so that you can compete under the category that best suits your project.

This year we will also be rewarding

Scalability Award

Projects or initiatives that are awarded this distinction are those that have demonstrated rapid and consolidated growth. The judges will be taking into consideration: growth plan, business adaptation to each market, implementation time frames, benefits of this expansion for the end user, and commercial and financial benefits.

Audience's Award

The choice of winner of this recognition will be based on the open voting that will be held on the Premios Latinoamérica Verde social networks during Latina Verde Week. A first prize and two special mentions will be awarded. All finalist projects will be contenders for this award. Candidates cannot enroll directly.

Effectiveness Award

In order to be eligible for this category, a project must have previously been a Premios Latinoamérica Verde finalist. Projects should be able to prove the impact of their proposal, and show that the goals set at their initial stage, or at any stage, have been met.

Innovation Award

This recognition seeks to reward those projects or individuals that challenge the status quo by proposing unconventional ideas that, at the same time, spread enthusiasm, inviting others to participate or share. The winning project will be chosen among the participating projects. Candidates cannot enroll directly under this category.

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Jury & technical commission

Other Awards

For the winners


Among the winners, the United Nations Development Project (UNDP) will sponsor one project to carry out an impact assessment through the use of the Climate Action Impact Tool (CAIT).


DIRECTV will choose, among the finalists, four stories to produce a documentary entitled “Protagonists,” which will constitute a unique incentive and an opportunity to showcase them to the world. The documentary will be broadcast throughout the Americas.


Three winners will be selected among the top 500 projects. Projects focused on the development of technologies can earn a mentorship with strategic gurus in New York, United States.




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Previous Editions

Participation has only grown since the first edition of the festival in 2013. Overall, 12,690 candidacies from 1,144 cities and 41 countries have participated in the past editions.
Would you like to see some of the best images and the most emotional moments of the previous editions?

Strategic Alliances

When we say “we are the change,” we mean you, me, us, all of us who believe in a better world. That is why we have become allies and we have made up a constantly growing network of 110 organizations.

Strategic Alliances

When we say “we are the change,” we mean you, me, us, all of us who believe in a better world. That is why we have become allies and we have made up a constantly growing network of 110 organizations.

Stay informed about the 2021 Edition.

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Centro de Convenciones Simón Bolivar


+593 99 619 9459

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Centro de Convenciones Simón Bolivar


+593 99 619 9459



Destinado a proyectos novedosos, que trabajen en sistemas de producción/gestión energética con eje en la reducción de impacto socioambiental.

Human development

Projects registered under this category should have the human development and well-being of the population as a central pillar of their activities, whatever their format.


Aimed at innovative projects that work on energy production/management systems with an emphasis on reducing social and environmental impacts.


Category for projects with a focus on the care, protection and recovery of the most relevant vital resources.


Projects that offer quality of life to the community by taking care of resources and favoring social justice, looking toward the well-being of both present and future mankind.


Projects aimed at the conscious treatment of all types of waste. Detection, classification, separation, treatment, recycling, etc.


Projects based on a social, economic and financial system aimed at the promotion of social welfare, with companies that respect the environment.


They should inform and raise awareness about the climatic emergency and about the millions of people who are striving for the necessary balance between humanity and nature. Both in their internal communication, in all aspects, and in their external communication through the traditional means such as the mass media or the new digital media such as the social networks, projects must demonstrate their commitment to the environment. Campaigns or pieces that reflect their impact on their communities or regions.

Public policies

Our region calls for public policies that understand the complexity of social-environmental relationships and take responsibility for it. For this reason, the public plans or programs rewarded under this category are those aimed at the energy sector, the green economy, environmental management, the protection of natural resources, equality among citizens, and other related issues. Projects such as propositions for and implementation of changes, regulatory measures, laws, and allocation of resources or budget items can participate.